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Bald Eagles Call London Home

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When looking for Bald Eagles, be sure to look in the tallest trees. Eagles like to have a wide view of their surroundings.

Bald Eagles have always impressed me. Their massive bodies, thick beaks, and incredible wingspans are a real sight to see. Luckily I don’t have to travel very far to do so. More and more Bald Eagles are calling London and area home. With several nest sites in our area and many birds overwintering here, Eagle sightings are becoming more frequent. Eagles nest in forested areas in close proximity to water as their main food source is fish. Look for them near lakes, rivers or reservoirs. Eagles like to perch in the tallest trees with a wide view of their surroundings so when looking for them make sure you are looking high in the trees. These birds are huge and their white heads and tails make identification easy. In flight look for their wings to be held straight and not in a V which will at a distance distinguish the Bald Eagle from a Turkey Vulture.

I have the most success finding Eagles during the fall and winter months once all the leaves have fallen from the trees. Spotting the birds in a leafless tree is quite easy due to their size. Many Eagles can be found up and down the Thames River from Delaware to Fanshawe Lake. The river’s current keeps it from freezing so it provides an excellent source of food for the Eagles. Fresh fish is not the only food that Eagles consume. They will also eat birds, small mammals, and are excellent scavengers so not all meals are live caught. In winter months look for Eagles outside the city in fields on the ground feeding on various carcasses.

The sight of a Bald Eagle is truly remarkable. If you have never seen one you will be amazed at the sheer size of this raptor. I have seen and photographed these birds numerous times and still get excited whenever I come across one. My biggest challenge is holding the camera steady as I tend to shake a bit due to the excitement. If adding the Bald Eagle to your life list is something you are having trouble with, try walking the banks of the Thames River before you go booking your Alaska vacation.

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4 Responses to “Bald Eagles Call London Home”

  1. Judy

    I saw a Bald Eagle this morning, first ever in London, Ontario for me!!! He was sitting on a branch on one of the tall bare trees down by Thames River at Highbury just south of Fanshawe Road. We were taking a student to school or I would have pulled over to take a photo. I have seen Hawks most days, and deer pretty much every day but this is the first Eagle I have seen…………….so excited and hope to see him again.

    • Paul Roedding

      Very exciting Judy! Thank you for sharing. The Thames River is a great place to observe Bald Eagles throughout the winter months. I have been seeing quite a few on the stretch of river between Springbank and Greenway Parks again this winter. I am willing to wager that if you go back to that area you will see it again. I am really glad to hear that you found your first ever Bald Eagle in London, Ontario.

  2. Bob Grant

    We were kayaking on the Thames and came across a large Eagle nest just west of McCormick home and the nest must be at least six feet in diameter in a tall spruce tree. We took photos and you can see them at –
    Video to come soon.
    Bob and Maureen Grant – London, Canada

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