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Nature Photography Workshop

Nature Photography Workshop - Nature Photography Workshop

Are you interested in joining me for a workshop to improve your nature and wildlife photography this November?

Whether you’re new to photography or are more experienced but not getting the results you want, use a DSLR or point and shoot camera, this workshop will help you improve your overall photography.

bcc - Nature Photography Workshop

During my photography workshop I will teach you how to get the most out of your camera and lens combination. You don’t need expensive gear to achieve great images. This Black-capped Chickadee was photographed using a Canon 55-250mm lens, a lens that retails for $229.00.

The two hour workshop will be $25 per person, held at an event center in south London, and will be limited to five people for individualized attention.

The first half of the workshop will be indoors and we’ll focus on optimal camera settings for nature and wildlife photography, as well as other technical elements such as composition, shooting techniques and tips to improve your overall photography. 

cw - Nature Photography Workshop

If you are not getting the desired results from your camera and lens combination, register for my nature and wildlife photography workshop.

During the second half of the workshop, we will venture outdoors to apply this knowledge in a natural setting. I will be providing one-on-one assistance as you photograph birds and other wildlife in their natural environment.

Please contact me if interested, and let me know what day of the week is preferred (weekdays or weekends) as well as time (morning or afternoon), as I will be booking the venue based on your feedback. 

Good birding,

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6 Responses to “Nature Photography Workshop”

  1. Lizzie

    Oh man! I would so love to do this but I honestly have ZERO free days in November between work, annual recertification for work and h7bby getting a new hip
    But in the New Year, would love to attend one if u r doing one!

    • Paul Roedding

      HI Lizzie, thanks for the reply. It sounds like a busy month ahead. I have sent you a private message with more information.

  2. Mark and Grace

    HI Paul, My husband and I are interested in your photography workshop. I understand you also hold private sessions too. Please contact us so we can best determine a mutual time for this to occur. Saturday’s would work best.

    • Paul Roedding

      Hi Grace thank you very much for your reply. I am glad to hear you are interested in my workshops. I do offer private sessions as well and have sent you a private message with more details.

  3. Theresa Binkley

    Hi Paul, I would be interested in doing this! Any morning except Thursday would work for me.

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