Nature Walks

If observing more birds in the city is something you are wishing for, a guided nature walk with Paul is perfect for you. Let Paul’s combined knowledge of birds, their habitats, and London’s natural areas help you locate more birds on your next adventure.

On each walk, Paul will share his secrets for finding birds based on sight, sound, weather, and habitat. Paul will also explain key field marks that will help improve your identification skills.

Paul’s nature walks are great for birders wishing to see a wider variety of birds, photo enthusiasts well versed with their cameras who are wishing to locate more birds to photograph, those new to birding needing help with identification, or anyone wishing to take in the beautiful birds our city has to offer.

Choose your favourite city park, ESA, or other natural area within the city of London for the walk to take place. If there is a specific species you wish to see, Paul will recommend a location with the best chance of observing it. Walks are perfect for individuals, families or visitors interested in birding in the city of London.

pw - Nature Walks

Warbler migration is picking up in the Forest City. A guided walk with Paul will help you locate these migratory birds.

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