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Dragonflies Play An Important Role In Our Ecosytem


IMG 6141 1 - Dragonflies Play An Important Role In Our Ecosytem

The Widow Skimmer is a common Dragonfly in Southwestern Ontario. Their diet consists of other insects including mosquitoes.

So many insects these days seem to be frowned upon. They are quickly swatted or sprayed in an effort to rid them from our homes and gardens because they bite, sting, eat our flowers and vegetables, or to many just simply appear gross.

One group of insects that play an important role in controlling the population unwanted insects are Dragonflies. These fast flying insects are incredibly maneuverable and do an excellent job of naturally controlling the numbers of many unwanted insects, including mosquitoes. Dragonflies are voracious eaters and can consume their own body weight in as little as thirty minutes. This translates to hundreds of mosquitoes a day. The diet of a Dragonfly is not limited to mosquitoes, as they eat other insects including flies and ants.

IMG 6187 1 - Dragonflies Play An Important Role In Our Ecosytem

Dragonflies play an important role in naturally controlling unwanted insects and are beneficial to our ecosystem.

With the increased risk of West Nile Virus in Southwestern Ontario, mosquito control is on the minds of everyone. What better way to control these pesky insects than a chemical free natural approach? If see a Dragonfly on your property, consider yourself lucky. It is likely there because it has found a source of food and is probably ridding your yard of unwanted insects. Admire it’s beauty and leave it be. Appreciate the fact that Dragonflies are not only saving your garden plants from destruction caused by other insects, but you from mosquito bites as well.

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2 Responses to “Dragonflies Play An Important Role In Our Ecosytem”

  1. Mike Hensen

    When I worked in northern Ontario dragonflies would hang around us all day eating the cloud of black flies constantly around us, I love dragonflys when they’re close you can hear them crunching the black flies, love em

    • Paul Roedding

      Wow, that must have been quite the sound. I find them fascinating, just wish I was better at identifying them.

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